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TTU Kappa Sigma Alumni

Stewards of 525 North Walnut
Kappa Mu Scholarship Endowments

Kappa Phi Delta was the first local fraternity at TTU. They were also first to go national. On May 2, 1969 the thirteen members of Kappa Phi Delta became the Kappa Mu Chapter of Kappa Sigma.

The TTU Kappa Sigma Alumni Association was formed in 1987 to purchase the house and property at 525 North Walnut.

The original members Marty Bradley, Dan Johnson, Wade Monday, and David Richardson set a precedent of stewardship for the governance of 525 N Walnut and multiple scholarship endowments. Had it not been for this foresight, we might not enjoy what we have today - the house, the endowments, the traditions at homecoming, and each summer.

While a few members reminisced in the hand dug basement, an electrical fire ignited on the second floor. Thanks to the courage and diligence of those still awake, only minor injuries were sustained by anyone inside.

While the Alumni Association executed the greatest capital campaign in the history of Kappa Mu, the brotherhood maintained gathering and holding meetings in a house on Jefferson throughout construction. The rebuilding of the house ushered in a new era for the Kappa Mu Chapter and set the standard for fraternity houses at TTU.

Along with managing the house, scholarships, and relationship with the undergraduates, the Alumni Association doesn't forget that the order is the members. We have a golf tournament each summer, come back for homecoming in the fall, and put on regional events in between..

Golf Tournament

Each June, Kappa Sigmas from near and far come together for a day of Fellowship to benefit Scholarship.

For the past several years Kevin Harmon and Greg Overby have lead the charge to White Plains each June for our annual golf tournament.

Saturday after Father's Day

While Plains C.C.



Coming to homecoming this year? We know there are events all over campus over the weekend.

Come for the parade.
Bring the family by Saturday before the game.

This year's events will be posted soon on the site and through social media. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to stay up on the latest.

Regional Events

When we aren't watching football or playing golf, we get together when we can. We try to arrange quarterly outings so busy brothers can stay in touch between events in Cookeville.

Middle TN - LJ Haas

East TN - Adam Poe

West TN - David Horton

Let us know if you'd like to host an event in your area.

Host Event

Since the new house opened in 2002, the Alumni Association has continued to take care of the house physically and financially. We rely on annual dues, golf tournament proceeds, monthly giving, and contributions of money and time from our alumni members.

Annual Dues

Voluntary Annual Dues of $25 help the association forecast revenue and provide the means to conduct regular maintenance, repairs, and enhancements to the 525 N Walnut property.

Sign up to pay $25 with an annual subscription or pay one year at a time.

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Monthly Giving

Our Everlasting Brother program provides brothers a way to give back on a monthly basis. Using Amazon Payments, the amount you select is paid automatically each month.

From $5.25 to $40 per month. We have plenty of options.

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Each year, undergraduates submit applications for our three endowed scholarships.

Scholarship details, history, winners, applications, and information on making tax exempt contributions through TTU are a click away...

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Setup an annual payment of $25 for alumni association dues. Subscriptions are processed through Amazon Payments each year.

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